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Annual Registration Form

Welcome to the Annual Registration Form for the Delaware Health Care Claims Database (HCCD).

The Delaware HCCD Data Collection Regulation — 1 DE Admin. Code 103 — requires all Mandatory Reporting Entities, as defined in 16 Del.C. §10312, to register with the HCCD. Mandatory Reporting Entities include:

  • All Health Insurers providing healthcare coverage to a Delaware resident; and
  • All Health Insurers that provide a Delaware State Group Health Insurance Plan, regardless of the state of residence of the member. This includes any entity that receives or collects charges, contributions, or premium for, or adjusts or settles, health claims for, any State employee or their spouses or dependents, participating in the State Group Health Insurance Program.

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The term Health Insurer is defined in § 4004 of Title 18 and includes insurers, third-party administrators (TPA), pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs), and other carve-out payers that offer a service benefit plan. Health insurer does not include providers of casualty insurance, as defined in § 906 of Title 18; providers of group long-term care insurance or long-term care insurance, as defined in § 7103 of Title 18; or providers of a dental plan or dental plan organization, as defined in § 3802 of Title 18.

Covered Lives
The term covered lives includes all Delaware residents; members and their dependents for employersponsored coverage; and all members of the State Group Health Insurance program regardless of state of residence.

Mandatory Reporting Entities with fewer than a total of 1,000 covered lives (across all lines of business) may request an exemption from data submission but are still required to complete the Annual Registration Form.

View Definitions: Mandatory Reporting Entity, Health Insurer, Covered Lives

If you will be registering multiple subunits to submit data, independently, please identify the subunit for each submitter, here.

Contact Information: 
(Please identify at least one Compliance/Legal AND one technical contact. Feel free to add HIE account managers or other staff)

Insurance Category Identification
For EACH category (Medicaid, Medicare, DE State Group Health Insurance, Qualified Health Plan, or Other, Commercial) of insurance for which you are a Delaware Mandatory Reporting Entity, please add a row containing the approximate count of records that would be contained in a monthly file for each type of data. If you use a third party administrator or pharmacy benefits manager, please so indicate and add their name and contact information to the comments field.

About the Process

After you submit this Annual Registration Form – assuming there is no request to be exempted from data submission - each of your organization’s identified contacts will receive an email with the assigned Reporting Entity Code and Reporting Entity Name, to be used in HCCD submissions, as well as sFTP credentials for the secure transmission of files to the HCCD. Each contact will also receive a copy of all emails from DHIN and/or its associates related to data submission and HCCD operations.


“At Nanticoke, we believe that electronic medical records and health information networks are core quality initiatives and truly enhance patient quality of care and patient safety. We are extremely delighted to be a member of the Delaware Health Information Network.”

– Steven A. Rose, President and CEO – Nanticoke Memorial Hospital

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