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Health Check Connect is a free tool that provides Delawareans with web-based access to their medical information

If you are waiting on results from a COVID-19 test performed at a participating Delaware Walgreens location at least five days ago, please contact the Division of Public Health at (866) 408-1899 or (Please note that these tests typically take the lab five days to read.)

About Health Check Connect

Health Check Connect is a free tool that helps you better manage your health.

Track your numbers, medications, and view your results.

Your Health History At Your Fingertips

Store your health history, medical records and doctors notes all in one place.

Health Check Connect even helps you remember appointments with a convenient to-do-list for your health.

Health Check Connect Benefits

Immediate Access in an EmergencyImmediate Access in an Emergency

Health Check Connect can be a lifesaver. Quickly retrieve vital information, such as your medications, chronic conditions, drug allergies and contact information for your doctor.


Securely Access Your Medical InformationSecurely Access Your Medical Information

Safely access your information via any web-based browser whenever and wherever you need it.


Designed With Privacy in MindDesigned With Privacy in Mind

Share your medical information with designated caregivers, healthcare providers and family members with peace of mind that your information will stay private.