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As the State-sanctioned health information exchange, Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) delivers and stores more than fourteen million clinical results annually, providing critical information to assist your practice, among 11,000 Delaware clinicians, with providing patient care.

In our ongoing efforts to keep fees low and drive value for participants, DHIN has launched a new subscription service for practices.

Q. Why is DHIN charging practices for using the Community Health Record?

A. Since DHIN’s inception more than a decade ago, practices have not been charged for accessing the Community Health Record nor for leveraging other services like event notification.

DHIN has been able to maintain this approach, despite not receiving any State-related support since 2012, while also incurring significant increases in costs for items that include:

  • Increased storage costs as DHIN maintains on-demand, secure access for over 11 years’ worth of clinical data for more than 3 million unique patients
  • Additional IT hardware to ensure our network infrastructure is properly maintained
  • Cyber-security-related enhancements and insurance to counter growing threats to the network
  • Professional services such as legal and healthcare law and privacy compliance certification that must be maintained

These factors have increased the costs to DHIN of storing and delivering data for practices.

To that end, DHIN has introduced a new business model that provides a bundle of low-cost and enhanced services for practices, as well as discounts for those that submit data or care summaries to the network.

Q. What will my practice be charged?

A: Your practice receives access to the below suite of services for a flat annual fee of $500. Whether you subscribe to all these services or just one, your fee stays the same. Included in the package:

Community Health Record: On-demand access to 150M+ clinical results, patient demographics and insurance information for three million unique patients

Event Notification Service: Real-time ER and inpatient encounter alert system covering 100+ hospitals across the Mid-Atlantic

Clinical Results Delivery (Provider-Based): Receive results from 30+ participating hospitals, labs and radiology firms via secure clinical inbox, auto-print and 30+ integrated EMRs* that your organization’s providers have ordered and/or were copied to on.

Patient Portal: Choose a one-stop-shop portal with results and care summaries for patient access or make DHIN’s personal health record your portal

Care Summaries: Seamlessly make your care summaries available to other clinicians and patients through an automated send of care summaries to DHIN**

*Pricing is for organizations that have signed off with DHIN. Practices that receive results from DHIN and have not signed off with DHIN as the preferred method for results delivery pay a $400 annual surcharge fee in addition to the $500 annual subscription fee.

**Accounts will be credited $200 once the care summary feed is certified by DHIN. Unless otherwise specified, all other costs associated with establishing and certifying the feed of care summaries to DHIN (e.g. EMR vendor fees) are the responsibility of the practice. Some services may require coordination and support with other suppliers (e.g. your EMR vendor) which may require additional time and resources to enable. The practice or health system activating the requested service is responsible for all additional costs applied by other suppliers.

Q. How will I know if my practice will be charged?

Practices are billed annually, and the subscription fee will be applied upon the anniversary of your account, which, for most organizations, will be each July. Practices that submit care summaries to the network will receive a $200 discount on their annual DHIN fees, as making information available to other care providers provides value to the network and supports better care.

Please note: Practices that are affiliated with a hospital system, as well as the Department of Public Health and other large organizations that currently contribute financial and data resources to DHIN are not subject to this business model.

Q. Is Medication History included in the $500 fee?

DHIN subscribers receive access to Standard Medication History after subscribing to the DHIN Practice Bundle. Standard Medication History pulls medications from patient CCDs and displays them in the medication history widget in the CHR. DHIN also offers Premium Medication History to DHIN subscribers which allows users to query the Surescripts database and view up to 12 months of patient’s filled medications. Premium Medication History has an additional subscription cost of $330 per provider per year. For Acute inpatient care facilities, it is a fee of $5,500 per 100 beds per year.


“The information on DHIN is so helpful to our practice. We have patients come into the office that can’t remember where they had lab/radiology work done. Utilizing the DHIN system, we log onto DHIN, type in the patient’s name and we can see where the patient had reports done. It really does help us from having to call around and track down that information.”

– Debbie McGinnes, Nurse – Bijan Sorouri, MD, PA

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