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We empower public and private partners to make data-driven decisions through innovative health data services.


The preferred, highly-trusted provider of health data services, enabling transformations that save time, money and lives.


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For FY23, DHIN’s corporate goals include the following:

  1. Develop a 3-year pro-forma showing overall financial sustainability after completion of technology refresh.
  2. Complete essential FY23 milestones for CHR transition (vendor selection NLT Dec 31 2022, first phases of testing and implementation by Jun 30, 2023).
  3. Automate 200 hours of manual work processes.
  4. Resolve current weaknesses in DHIN’s Knowledge Management System through Sharepoint optimization.
  5. At least five DHIN managers will achieve a new certification in business relationship management.

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“DHIN helps me learn about new patients. I can review previous radiology, lab, and pathology reports and consults. It helps me manage the patient in practice and discuss their conditions.”

– Dr. Dyanne Westerberg, AccentCare

Delaware Health Information Network - Empowering Data-Driven Decisions

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