To facilitate the design and implementation of an integrated, statewide health data system to support the information needs of consumers, health plans, policymakers, providers, purchasers and research to improve the quality and efficiency of health care services in Delaware.


Share real-time clinical information among all health care providers (office practices, hospitals, labs, diagnostic facilities, etc.) across the state to improve patient outcomes and patient-provider relationships, while reducing service duplication and the rate of increase in health care spending.


The DHIN’s five primary goals serve as the basis for interoperability among all health care providers in the State of Delaware:

  1. To improve the care received by patients served by Delaware’s health care system and to reduce medical errors associated with the often inaccurate and incomplete information available to providers of medical care.
  2. To reduce the time required and financial burdens of exchanging health information among health care providers and payers (necessary for patient care), by addressing the currently siloed and unintegrated model of distribution methods and dramatically increasing use of electronic means.
  3. To improve communication among healthcare providers and their patients to provide the right care at the right time based on the best available information.
  4. To reduce the number of duplicative tests to afford specialists a more comprehensive view of the patient upon referral from his/her primary physician and to expedite the reporting of consultant opinions and tests/treatments between specialists and the referring physicians.
  5. To improve the efficiency and value of electronic health records (EHR) in the physician office and to assist those physicians without an EHR to better organize and retrieve test results.

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