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The Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) provides fast and secure exchange of test results and reports among hospitals, labs, x-ray facilities and doctors statewide. DHIN is not a complete record of your health history. It is simply a way for health care providers to access patient medical information that they need to provide you with the best care possible.
Patients who do not want their medical information to be accessible to authorized health care providers through DHIN may choose not to participate. If you choose not to participate, health care providers will not be able to look for your records in DHIN.
Choosing not to participate means emergency room (ER) doctors will not be able to get information that could help them give you better care or save your life in an emergency.
Also, some providers may decide not to see patients that do not participate in DHIN because they won’t have access to medical information that would help them give patients the best care possible.
If you do not want to participate in DHIN, you must complete the Non-Participation Form below. If you have filled out a Non-participation form and have decided to participate in DHIN, please complete the Cancellation of Non-Participation Request Form below.
For your protection, DHIN requires that you verify your identity in one of two ways: have the form signed by a health care provider licensed in Delaware, or have the form signed by a notary public.
If you have any questions, please contact DHIN:
Call DHIN: (302) 678-0220
Visit the DHIN website:
Non-participation form
Cancellation of Non-Participation Request Form


“I think it has saved a lot of money particularly for my practice. I’m not getting duplicate faxes sent to me and from other facilities and that’s been a huge resource in terms of time. My staff is not spending time on the phone trying to get results sent. Instead we can just log onto DHIN, verify the patient, and have access to all of that in less than 30 seconds.”

– Sherin Ibrahim-Howett, DO, Sleep and Internal Medicine – The Pearl Clinic

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