Delaware Health Care Claims Database

The Delaware Health Care Claims Database (HCCD), powered by DHIN, collects healthcare claims, enrollment, and provider data from Medicare, Medicaid, and the seven largest commercial health insurers in the State of Delaware, making it the single largest repository of claims data Delaware has ever had.



An overview of the HCCD

How the HCCD is Making Health Data More Useful

The HCCD can help lawmakers and decision-makers:

  • Identify areas for improvement, growth, and success across the healthcare system
  • Understand and quantify health system performance and healthcare transformation
  • Provide meaningful comparisons and actionable data and reports to help inform policy and consumer decisions

HCCD Data Submission Forms

How to Request Access to the HCCD

  • HCCD Fee Schedule FY22
  • Data Access Application – Please use this application to submit information regarding your request for HCCD data or data access
  • HCCD Data Use Agreement – This agreement addresses the terms and conditions under which DHIN will release and the requesting organization may obtain, use, and disclose HCCD data specified in this Agreement
  • HCCD Committee Business Rules – Business rules for reviewing data requests
  • Delaware Health Care Claims Database Access Regulation
    4.6 After a decision is reached by the Committee, public notice will be posted on the DHIN website that an application for data access was received, by whom it was submitted and for what purposes, and the decision of the Committee to grant or deny the application. The final determination of the Committee shall not be subject to appeal.

Current HCCD Projects

See Current Data Requests and Projects Here

HCCD Committee Meeting Minutes

Data Submitter Webinar Meetings & Minutes

HCCD Data Definitions and FAQs

  • Definitions – Commonly used HCCD terms
  • FAQs – Commonly asked questions related to HCCD data submission

The History of the HCCD

The Delaware General Assembly passed legislation in FY16 authorizing the Delaware Health Information Network to develop a healthcare claims database.

§ 10311 The Delaware Health Care Claims Database — Findings; purpose; creation (

The purpose of the HCCD is to facilitate data-driven, evidence-based improvements in access, quality, and cost of healthcare and to promote and improve the public health through increased transparency of accurate claims data and information.

Contact Us

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“The information on DHIN is so helpful to our practice. We have patients come into the office that can’t remember where they had lab/radiology work done. Utilizing the DHIN system, we log onto DHIN, type in the patient’s name and we can see where the patient had reports done. It really does help us from having to call around and track down that information.”

– Debbie McGinnes, Nurse – Bijan Sorouri, MD, PA

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