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DHIN Partners with WOMBA, Enabling Automated Record Retrieval for Insurance Applications & Claims

NEW YORK, NY (August 3, 2020) – WOMBA, LLC, the nation’s leading HIPAA-compliant medical data sharing retriever is pleased to announce its collaboration with Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN).

The first operational statewide health information exchange in the nation, DHIN provides an electronic network through which hospitals, physicians, laboratories and other clinical entities quickly and securely exchange clinical results and reports. Nearly 11,000 practitioners rely on DHIN’s Community Health Record, which securely stores over 150 million clinical messages and results for more than three million patients from fifty states.

Through this collaboration, with patient consent, WOMBA can securely retrieve otherwise disparately located medical data from healthcare providers throughout the state of Delaware and beyond to accelerate the life and disability insurance application process.

Streamlining of the life and disability insurance application process is one benefit of DHIN’s participation in the eHealth Exchange. This national group of federal agencies and non-federal organizations came together under a common mission to improve patient care and public health reporting through secure, trusted and interoperable health information exchange.

“WOMBA’s relationship with DHIN expands upon WOMBA’s geographic capabilities while providing it with another rich source of high-quality medical data. WOMBA’s technology allows for quick, secure records retrieval delivered to our clients in a normalized easy to read format,” said Moti Mitteldorf, CTO of “Integration with DHIN is another step in establishing WOMBA as the preeminent global leader in personalized health data retrieval and consolidation,” he added.

“Making it easier for consumers to directly access their clinical information is critically important in today’s patient-centered healthcare environment,” said DHIN Chief Operating Officer, Randy Farmer. “DHIN is proud to collaborate with WOMBA on this consumer-driven tool to share clinical information for insurance underwriting purposes, both providing a service to consumers and fulfilling our mission of making health data useful.”

WOMBA was founded by its CEO, ELI Rowe. WOMBA is the digital arm of PDC, the nation’s leading medical data retriever to the Life, Long Term Care & Disability Insurance industry. PDC/ is the trusted entity in the industry with over 30 years’ experience in manual retrieval is now undergoing the paradigm shift enabling real time digital records retrieval. WOMBAs platform enables its hundreds of clients to evaluate the risk profiles of applicants in a transparent and friendly way, while significantly reducing costs, improving the process’ efficiency and accelerating the application process so individuals can receive coverage faster. WOMBA’s cutting edge platform uses advanced AI tools which allows for automated normalization of records from diverse data sources enabling underwriters to review records in an easy to read format.


WOMBA is the only all-encompassing solution on the market; including a patient portal with integrated auditable record sharing, a telehealth platform, and a verified third party requester platform all wrapped into one HIPAA compliant solution secured by cutting edge multi-modality biometrics, KYC knowledgebase and powered by artificial intelligence.


“DHIN helps me learn about new patients. I can review previous radiology, lab, and pathology reports and consults. It helps me manage the patient in practice and discuss their conditions.”

– Dr. Dyanne Westerberg, AccentCare

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