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Printing from Google Chrome
Having issues printing from Chrome?  Just follow the below steps:

  • Click on the Tools Menu in Google Chrome and Click on Extensions
  • Uncheck the Chrome PDF Viewer 
  • Restart your Internet Browser

This will trigger a download of the document which can then be printed.  Please note, a copy of the document will be stored in the downloads folder for the work station and should be managed as any other electronic folder containing PHI is securely managed.   

Image Viewing in the CHR

How to Break Glass in the CHR

Navigating the CHR

Adding a New User for DHIN Access
Has a new staff member joined your practice? Adding a new user for access to DHIN is easy! If you are currently enrolled in DHIN as a “User Administrator,” just follow the steps in your Quick Reference Administrator’s Guide to add a new user to your organization’s DHIN account.

For a Provider addition or removal, User Admins should submit a Provider Change Form. These updates can also be submitted via our website by going to the Healthcare Providers tab and selecting Provider Change Information.

Please remember that DHIN access is restricted to only those licensed medical providers and their staff who are actively involved in the clinical care of patients. Also, please remember to deactivate staff members from your DHIN account once they leave your organization. If you need more details, please refer to your ProAccess Administrative Training Guide that was provided during your training.

Searching for Patients in the Community Health Record
There are multiple ways to search for Patient Results within the Community Health Record:  Source Medical Record Number, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, and most commonly, Name. DHIN recommends searching for your patients by name using a Last Name, First Name format. This has proven to be a more reliable, more efficient manner of searching for Patient Records. While using Date of Birth or Social Security Number, ensure you enter them in the proper format as well, (i.e.  02/14/2013 or 123-45-6789). Knowing the most efficient method and format for searching for Patient Records will yield a higher degree of reliability and accuracy than a generic search. 

Viewing Radiology and Echo PACS Images via the Community Health Record
Radiologists at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital became the first in Delaware to include links to images in the reports they deliver through the Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN). Saint Francis Healthcare and Mid-Delaware Imaging are also now providing access to Radiology images. Saint Francis Healthcare is providing images with Echo reports as well. With Vital Images, Inc.’s universal viewer, VitreaView, secure links to the actual images are embedded in the Radiology or Echo written reports. Those links provide immediate access by the physicians providing follow-up care once the report is signed. No additional software is required.

Viewing Radiology and Echo PACS Images via ProAccess

Viewing Radiology and Echo PACS Images via ProAccess

Viewing Radiology and Echo PACS Images via ProAccess

Please reach out to your DHIN Relationship Manager or the DHIN Service Desk for more information.


“I think it has saved a lot of money particularly for my practice. I’m not getting duplicate faxes sent to me and from other facilities and that’s been a huge resource in terms of time. My staff is not spending time on the phone trying to get results sent. Instead we can just log onto DHIN, verify the patient, and have access to all of that in less than 30 seconds.”

– Sherin Ibrahim-Howett, DO, Sleep and Internal Medicine – The Pearl Clinic

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