Personal Health Records (PHR)

Doctors across the nation are communicating electronically

with patients and feeding information in to their Personal Health Record (PHR). A PHR is like a password-protected electronic filing cabinet where patients retain all relevant medical records for their care, including:

  • Medication summaries
  • List of allergies and chronic conditions
  • Treatment plans and referral information
  • And much more…plus, many PHRs are FREE

Doctors use DIRECT Messaging, a secure e-mail product, in order to deliver relevant updates directly to your PHR safely and securely. Think how much easier it would be to manage your care and the care of your children with a PHR – A PHR will allow your doctor to provide important updates of your personal medical information in a secure and centralized place that can be accessed by you at any time, via an internet connection.

To learn more about PHRs and find one that is right for you, please click here.

If you would like your doctor to communicate information to your PHR, please click here to send them an e-mail making this request (please note, you will need your doctor’s email address or the email address of their practice).

Learn more about how DHIN protects your information. Click here to view the DHIN Privacy Policy.


“I think it has saved a lot of money particularly for my practice. I’m not getting duplicate faxes sent to me and from other facilities and that’s been a huge resource in terms of time. My staff is not spending time on the phone trying to get results sent. Instead we can just log onto DHIN, verify the patient, and have access to all of that in less than 30 seconds.”

– Sherin Ibrahim-Howett, DO, Sleep and Internal Medicine – The Pearl Clinic

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