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DHIN’s Personal Health Record

The Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) has developed a personal health record connected to the same data your doctor receives through our Community Health Record.

This tool is designed to put consumers in touch with their medical information, and we invite you to take a minute to sign up for our personal health record (PHR).


Enrolling is Quick & Easy >Click to Enroll

Update your profile – Click on your name and Here you can update your profile info, add a picture, change password, or update authentication methods.

Settings – Update notification settings, customize widgets, customize data exports, change language,

Navigate the left menu – Health Timeline, manage appointments, manage apps and devices, and view health

Health Profile – Enter information, such as vitals, medication, immunization and fitness

Widgets (apps) – Connect your Fitbit or other personal health tracker to upload

My Messages– This secure email system allows you to confidentially communicate with your provider, if he or she has a secure email

Check out the user guide by clicking on the ? icon at the top.

We anticipate that, at this time, you will see data from inpatient hospital stays, ER visits and lab and radiology results from the past five years. If you have questions, please contact


“At Nanticoke, we believe that electronic medical records and health information networks are core quality initiatives and truly enhance patient quality of care and patient safety. We are extremely delighted to be a member of the Delaware Health Information Network.”

– Steven A. Rose, President and CEO – Nanticoke Memorial Hospital

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