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Health Check Alert, a free service from Delaware Medicaid and the Delaware Health Information Network, provides you with added peace of mind that you and your family’s healthcare information is being used appropriately. 


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How Does Health Check Alert Work?

When you or a member of your family is seen at a hospital or receives a medical test OR when your medical record is accessed through the Delaware Health Information Network’s Community Health Record, you’ll receive an alert by text message.

If the information you receive seems right or makes sense, you don’t need to do anything!

If the alert references a hospital you haven’t visited, a test you didn’t receive or a physician office or lab you don’t recognize, you will be instructed how to respond, to alert Medicaid and your physician’s office.



About the Delaware Health Information Network  

The Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN) was created by Delaware Statute in 1997 to help improve communication in healthcare and to serve as an important resource for doctors, their staff, public health and consumers.  When the network launched in 2007, it became the first statewide health information exchange in the nation and currently stands as a model of success for other states.

Through DHIN’s Community Health Record, over 11,000 physicians and other healthcare providers from Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic region access patient medical information and results to assist in making healthcare decisions.  The network delivers over 14 million medical results each year from 9 hospital systems and 18 labs, walk-in clinics and radiology firms, helping to save over $10 million annually across the healthcare eco-system since 2013.

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