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Milford-Mirror-calendar.gif​The Year in Review

2013 - A Busy, Productive Year

2013 was another busy year at DHIN, and excellent progress has been made in many key areas. DHIN continues to be the most mature statewide health information exchange in the country thanks to the cooperation received from the medical and healthcare community in Delaware and surrounding area.

Here are highlights of the year broken out by category: Enrollments, New Hospitals, Private Labs, Event Notification, Immunization Reporting and Links to Radiology Reporting.


check.gifTotal of new organizations joining DHIN was 56, bringing the total to 688.

check.gifThere was a net gain of 89 practices signing-off on DHIN for result delivery, bringing the total for signed-off organizations to 402 or 86% of DHIN practices.

check.gifThe number of practices and providers with EMRs which are DHIN-Certified grew to 276 practices and 1061 providers.


New Hospitals
Atlantic General Hospital in Berlin, MD went live in June, becoming the first out of state hospital to participate in DHIN. Union Hospital in Elkton, MD is expected to go live later in 2014. With a large number of people crossing state borders for medical care, having reports in DHIN from all nearby hospitals is critical to continuity of care. Similarly, having Delawareans' previously generated medical results available to the Atlantic General emergency room physicians will enhance care.


Private Laboratories Now at 100% Participation
With the addition of MedLabs Diagnostics and Mercy Diagnostics in December, all major private laboratories in Delaware are now reporting results through DHIN. This stands as a major achievement for closing data gaps in the community health record and helps to significantly reduce the cost of sending results and save providers valuable time in delivering patient care. The following laboratories and imaging firms joined DHIN in 2013:

  • Mid-Delaware Imaging
  • Med Labs Diagnostics
  • ACCU Reference Medical Lab
  • Mercy Diagnostics
  • Ocean Medical Imaging
  • Diagnostic Imaging Associates


Event Notification 
In September a pilot program of the DHIN Event Notification System was launched and began providing emergency department discharge results to Medicaid managed care organizations (MCO). In the three months it has been active, roughly 6,500 notifications per month have been sent - typically within 24 hours of discharge. This system gives MCOs the opportunity to quickly engage with transitions of care experienced by their customers. ENS is also available for ambulatory practices to use and DHIN is in the process of launching a beta test with three ambulatory practices. The beta testing is expected to be completed in February with a full rollout of ENS planned for launch soon thereafter.


Immunizations Reporting
Electronic immunization reporting to the Division of Public Health through DHIN continued to grow with the addition of 10 practices and 67 Walgreens locations reporting in December. This has relieved DPH of the manual task of inputting thousands of reports each month and has made immunization data available much more quickly. Nearly half of reports in December were sent through DHIN.


Links to Radiology Images
​In November the Radiology Department at Nanticoke Hospital began embedding direct links to images in the written reports posted on DHIN. This was an important "first" and is giving providers the opportunity to both read a written report and view the actual image on the computer in their offices without needing to purchase additional equipment or software. It is expected that additional organizations will begin adopting this approach in 2014.

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