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Encounter Notification System is Win/Win for Both
Patients and Providers

The recent launch of DHIN's Event Notification System (ENS) closes a large gap in patient care by providing real-time alerts to medical providers who have care coordination responsibility.

When a patient has an encounter at any hospital in Delaware (such as an admission, intra-facility transfer or hospital discharge), providers can receive an alert in real time from DHIN. ENS can then transmit those alerts to providers, eliminating the delay and inefficiencies of less systemic methods.

Tool for Continuity of Care and Medicare Reimbursements
Event notifications are delivered via a secure file transfer process (SFTP) and provide the communication needed to help determine which patients need a follow-up call or additional care. Delivering/Providing communication and direct follow-up are reimbursable under CMS codes that took effect in 2013 - click the Read More button below to view this chart and the full article.


Event Notification System is a new service that provides a win/win for both patients and providers," says Dr. Jan Lee, DHIN CEO. "Patients are receiving the follow-up care they have needed but often didn’t get after a hospital discharge because of a lack of timely communication. Physicians are now being reimbursed for that inquiry and care through the recently adopted Medicare codes. ENS has both enhanced patient care and presented additional revenue streams for providers."

Signing Up for ENS
Signing up for ENS is easy and can be accomplished on the DHIN website with the submission of an enrollment form. A DHIN staff member will then follow-up to help identify categories of patients to be included, establish a mechanism for receiving alert notifications, and to complete the on-boarding process. You can start by going to:

ENS Terms
There is a one-time activation fee of $200 per provider (Capped at $3,000/Practice) and a monthly subscription fee of $190, per practice, with a minimum of a 24 month subscription. Practices that pay in-full for their two-year subscription now ($4,000) save $560, versus practices paying on a monthly basis. It's like getting three months of ENS for Free! Several payment options are available and will be finalized prior to activating your practice on ENS.

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Not only will payer organizations benefit but so will providers.  Look for DHIN to make the Acute Care Alert System available to providers soon.

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